Sorry, Dairy Day 2021 has passed.

Dairy Day 2021

January 12th - Milk Quality

January 13th - Industry Sustainability

January 14th - Dairy Markets and Labor

January 15th - Calf Management

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Dairy Day 2021


January 16, 2021




All 4 sessions will be offered virtually via Zoom


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North Country Regional Ag Team

Lindsay Ferlito

Dairy Day 2021

January 12, 2021—Milk Quality

 Selective Dry Cow Treatment (Dr. Pete Ostrum, Countryside Vet Clinic)

 Bedding and Management Factors (Dr. Paula Ospina, Independent Consultant)

 Diagnosis and Treatment (Dr. Pam Ruegg, U of WI)


January 13, 2021—Industry Sustainability

 Consumer Trends and Industry Sustainability (Dr. Sara Place, Elanco)

 Farmer Mental Health and Sustainability (Briana Hagen, U of Guelph)

 Future Animal Welfare Considerations (Dr. Nigel Cook, U of WI)

 FARM Program 4.0 Update (Lindsay Ferlito, CCE NCRAT)


January 14, 2021—Dairy Markets and Labor

 Dairy Market Updates (Dr. Chris Wolf, Cornell University)

 Labor Updates (Richard Stup, Cornell University)


January 15, 2021—Calf Management

 Social Behavior (Dr. Jennifer van Os, U of WI)

 Calf Health (Dr. Rob Lynch, Cornell University)

 Optimizing Calf Nutrition (Dr. Mike Steele, U of Guelph)

 NNYADP Calf Diarrhea Research Update (Casey Havekes, CCE NCRAT)


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Upcoming Events

Transition Cow Tuesdays

November 2, 2021
November 9, 2021
November 16, 2021
November 23, 2021
November 30, 2021
December 7, 2021
December 14, 2021

Have you… ...been working with the farm transition cow program but want to know more about the how, what and why? ...wanted to improve the transition cow performance of your herd but need to know where to start? ...wanted to increase the skills you bring to the farm or your farm employer? ...been wondering where you'll find the time to attend a course or workshop?

If so, this webinar series is designed for you

Dairy Day 2022

January 18 - January 20, 2022 : Dairy Day 2022


Join us VIRTUALLY for the main dairy program offered for FREE  by Cornell Cooperative Extension this winter in the North Country. This 3-part seminar will provide the latest information on dairy production and farm business management, emerging trends, and local research updates.


Dairy Reproduction and A.I. Training Course

January 25 - January 26, 2022

Attend this 2-day training course to become trained in dairy reproduction and artificial breeding techniques. There will be classroom sessions in the morning, followed by hands-on practice on farm in the afternoon. After this class you will be trained to artificially inseminate dairy cattle.



Labor Roadshow V offered by New York's Ag Workforce Development Council

Ag Workforce Development Council is hosting Labor Roadshow V as a virtual event. A series of six two-hour webinars will be held online through Zoom at noon on November 22 and 23, and December 2, 3, 9 and 10. Cost is $55 per person to attend all six webinars and to receive links to the webinar recordings and roadshow materials.

New York Labor Road Show V is an opportunity to learn about regulation changes and how to best position your business for compliance and success. Several important changes to state regulations occurred in 2021 that farm employers need to understand, and better employee management is the key to farm success during and after our current farm labor crisis.

Labor Roadshow V topics include: worker's compensation, employee handbooks, labor cost trends and management strategies, COVID issues for farm employers, NY farm labor law compliance, preventing turnover, employee housing management, employee wellness programs, NY farm unions and immigration enforcement, H-2A for beginners, and understanding NYS paid sick and family leave.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly across the world.

Although cities have the most sick people, the disease has reached rural communities of New York as well. Everyone needs to take this very seriously. Agriculture is an essential business, so many of us will continue to go to work. However, we all need to take precautions to stay safe and help prevent further spread of the disease. The key things to do are limit contact with other people and keep everything very clean. We've prepared a new resource to help Spanish- and English-speaking farm employees access credible, multi-lingual information that they can use right away. Here are this links to a printable resource for farms to use:
English COVID 19 Procedures
Spanish COVID 19 Procedures

To see a full list of other relevant resources, click here.

How to Manage COVID-19 Risk on Dairy Farms

Straightforward helpful steps to manage risk on dairy farms!  We are happy to help talk farms through these steps and develop risk management plans for protecting owners and team members. Reach out to Kelsey O'Shea via email for more information.

Update - Regional Ag Team Operations during COVID-19

Click here to get the updated information on our operations.