Labor Roadshow V

November 2, 2021


NOV 22, 2021 | Noon to 2:00 PM EST

 Worker's compensation: How does it work from employer and employee perspectives?

  • Henry Talmadge, New York Farm Bureau Safety Group
  • Jan Klodowski, Dairy Farmers of America

Employee handbooks: Getting your handbook in place and in compliance while making it a useful tool to communicate expectations to employees

  • Richard Stup, Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development

NOV 23, 2021 | Noon to 2:00 PM EST

Labor cost trends, efficiency, and management strategies: How dairy farm labor costs and efficiencies are changing over time and management actions that producers can take to minimize impact of rising labor costs more effectively

  • Jason Karszes, Cornell CALS PRO-DAIRY
  • Greg McConnell, Farm Credit East

COVID issues for farm employers: Understanding the NY HERO Act and employer requirements and strategies to encourage or require vaccinations

  • Michael Sciotti, Attorney, Barclay Damon LLP

DEC 2, 2021 | Noon to 2:00 PM EST

NY farm labor law compliance: A review of current New York regulations covering minimum wage, overtime, day-of-rest, and COVID sick leave pay

  • Melissa Buckley, NYS Department of Labor

Preventing turnover: Real perspectives from active farm managers about what causes employees to leave and how to prevent it

  • Bob Milligan, Cornell University Professor Emeritus and Dairy Strategies, LLC
  • Panel of managers and employees including: Meghan Hauser, Table Rock Farm, Garrett Miller, Oakwood Dairy, and Bob Ceglowski, Rupert Veterinary Clinic

DEC 3, 2021 | Noon to 2:00 PM EST

Employee housing management: Producer strategies to manage employee housing, enhance housing culture, create new housing solutions, comply with H-2A requirements, and finance employee housing

  • Panel of farm managers including: Bill and Corinne Banker, Blue Hill Farms, Jeremy Bergen, Bergen Farms, and Lisa Neal, Merrel Dairy
  • Financiers: Mike Haycook, Farm Credit East, and an update from NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

Employee wellness programs:Why are these programs emerging and how can producers make them positive for their farm and for the industry?

  • Panel of farm managers and industry experts including Jaime Padilla, Fair Trade USA, David Darr, Dairy Farmers of America, and Nicole Ayache, National Milk Producers Federation-FARM (invited).

DEC 9, 2021 | Noon to 2:00 PM EST

NY farm unions and immigration enforcement: Review and update of employer responsibilities related to farm union organizing and negotiation

  • John Wirenius, Chair of the NY Public Employment Relations Board
  • Chris Schulte, Attorney, Smith, Gambrell Russell LLP
  • Hosted by Alyssa Keally, Northeast Dairy Producers Association

Middle managers' role in creating a great place to work: How middle managers influence the engagement of frontline employees and help keep the business in compliance with workplace laws

  • Chris Schulte, Attorney, Smith, Gambrell Russell LLP
  • Panel of farm middle managers

DEC 10, 2021 | Noon to 2:00 PM EST

H-2A for beginners: An introduction to the federal temporary guest worker program for agriculture (H-2A), and the experiences of farm employers who recently started using the program

  • Mark Martens, Agri Placements International Inc.
  • Farm panel of success stories: Maureen Torrey, Torrey Farms, John Mueller, Willow Bend Farm, David Fisher, Mapleview Dairy

Understanding NY paid sick leave and paid family leave: Requirements and strategies for compliance and to make this a positive benefit for employees

  • Richard Stup, Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development












Upcoming Events

26th Annual North Country Crop Congress

February 4, 2022
February 11, 2022

The 26th Annual North Country Crop Congress will be February 4 and the 11th,2022 and begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. and end at 12:15 p.m Agricultural experts will discuss the latest crop production technologies and agronomic research that will affect many farms in the region.  This event will be hosted online as a live event via ZOOM.

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Back to the Basics: Poultry 101

February 24, 2022

Join us and learn about the basics of poultry! Topics include:

  • Everything needed to start your own backyard flock
  • Meat & egg-laying breeds
  • Meat processing
  • Marketing poultry products in New York

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Field Crop Weed Identification and Control Series 2022 | CALS

Cornell Cooperative Extension, Cornell AgriTech and the School of Integrative Plant Science have organized a series of 6 webinars on weed identification and control to be offered on Wednesdays in 2022. They will occur from February 2nd to March 16th (except February 9th) from 12-1pm via Zoom.

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Grants of Up to $50,000 are Available for Eligible Small Businesses With Revenues of Up to $2.5 Million and Experiencing Financial Hardship Due to COVID-19 Department Hosting Webinar for Interested Businesses December 13, Join the Webinar Here.

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly across the world.

Although cities have the most sick people, the disease has reached rural communities of New York as well. Everyone needs to take this very seriously. Agriculture is an essential business, so many of us will continue to go to work. However, we all need to take precautions to stay safe and help prevent further spread of the disease. The key things to do are limit contact with other people and keep everything very clean. We've prepared a new resource to help Spanish- and English-speaking farm employees access credible, multi-lingual information that they can use right away. Here are this links to a printable resource for farms to use:
English COVID 19 Procedures
Spanish COVID 19 Procedures

To see a full list of other relevant resources, click here.

How to Manage COVID-19 Risk on Dairy Farms

Straightforward helpful steps to manage risk on dairy farms!  We are happy to help talk farms through these steps and develop risk management plans for protecting owners and team members. Reach out to Kelsey O'Shea via email for more information.

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Update - Regional Ag Team Operations during COVID-19

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